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The RRI Coaching Difference

Everyone is inspired to act by something – and our job is to find that something in you. RRI’s real estate business coaching methodology has helped over 10,000 real estate professionals achieve unimaginable production levels. Most importantly they are leading a life they love.

Our approach combines proven strategy with personal performance concepts to help clients achieve consistent breakthrough results in business, all while building the life of their dreams.

The RRI Way

Your goals in business and in life are as unique to you as your own DNA. It is with this in mind that each coaching member’s curriculum is designed specifically for their current goals and desired outcomes.

RRI real estate coaches harness the power of your strengths, talents and passions to help you build a fun, profitable and sustainable business while living the life of your dreams.

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The Numbers

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Graduates of RRI Coaching Program*
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Coaching Member Average Annual GCI*
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*These numbers are based on RRI business coaching members who have been in the coaching program for 1 year or more as of January 1, 2020.

Coaching Membership Pricing

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Individual Agent Coaching

For Individual Agents
$ 799 Monthly (+ tax)
plus Assessment Fee of $699 $349
RE/MAX Integra Members Save $350!
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one calls (30 minutes)
  • Bi-weekly “Live” Group Training/Q & A with Richard Robbins
  • 2 Masters Academy VIP Passes Per Year
  • Masters Formula Online Training/Resource Portal
  • Exclusive RRI Member Community Facebook and Special Events

Team Coaching

For Agents with Teams from 2 to 20+
$ 1495 Monthly (+ tax)
plus Assessment Fee of $999 $499
RE/MAX Integra Members Save $450!
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one calls (60 minutes or as pre-determined)
  • Bi-weekly “Live” Group Training/Q & A with Richard Robbins for Entire Team
  • 2 Masters Academy VIP Passes Per Year
  • Masters Formula Online Training/Resource Access for 5 Team Members
  • Exclusive RRI Member Community Facebook and Special Events

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Agent Coaching

Team Coaching

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Taylor Hack
RE/MAX River City (Hack & Co)
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RRi has been part of my business growth since my first year in real estate.I don't know what the growth would have been like without the coaches & mentors at RRi... because they were there.RRi was there when I set my personal production record of 60 home sales in 6 months, they were there when my business went from "me to we" in team building, & RRi was there when we placed 28th for Western Canada last month in one of the most challenged major markets in our country.I don't know what the difference would have been if I didn't have a coach that I could talk to about my life when I was setting my personal production record; I can't imagine what it would have been like starting a team without the examples of members of the RRi coaching community; and I don't even want to know what it takes to chase the industry leaders with a five year old team without Richard Robbins curating the community of excellence around me.My name is Taylor Hack and RRi has helped me "business like a professional athlete". That may not be the same goal you have, but whatever your positive life goals are, RRi will help you do what it takes to be who you envision has the capability to level up your life."
Phil Spoelstra
RE/MAX Centre City Realty
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Have been coached by a fantastic RRi coach since 2015 and will continue on! Our team is a partnership between myself and another broker, two other agents with us as well as great support team members. Our coach has helped us leverage our strengths and really benefit from our differences as business partners while she walked us through a very strategic assembling of a team that has such a bright future. Would not have happened without her help, that's a certainty.
Rodrigo Robalino
RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc.
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Coaching programs are not for everyone! What makes Richard Robbins international unique is the fact that they tailor the program to you and your business needs. Each coach and each person in the organization is there to help you in your best interest and having tested other programs out there, I have to say, this program has helped us build who we are today! Thank you to everyone that makes up the Richard Robbins International Organization!